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Poor unsuspecting Beau was walking down the street, and saw a sign outside that just said "ball busting office", and he was intrigued so he wandered in to see what it was all about. Lucky for him, Mistress Claire is in between clients and has a little time to spare. She tells him to remove his underwear, and asks him if he enjoys ball busting. Just when he starts to tell her he's not even sure if he likes it because he's never experienced it, she interrupts him with a hard kick to the nuts and shuts him right up. He almost falls to his knees, and the second he stands back up, she kicks him as hard as she can in the nuts again. She kicks him over and over again, and he starts to get hard so she figures he must be enjoying it. Mistress Claire grabs his hard cock and pulls him toward her by his cock, and punches his nuts with her as hard as she can, repeatedly. The sound of her connecting with his balls time and time again is painful to even hear. She can tell he is just a big pussy and he is having a hard time taking SO much abuse, so she starts to stroke his cock to give him a little break. Just when he gets nice and hard again, and thinks he's gonna get some kind of fucking happy ending or something, she brings her knee up into his balls and knees him in the nuts so hard he actually does fall to his knees this time, and he cries out in pain. She makes him stand back up again and kicks his balls over and over and over again, until he can't stand up anymore. He had walked in hoping he could just try a couple of light kicks and see if he liked it, but instead what he got was Mistress Claire completely destroying his nuts. After he falls to the ground a final time, she tells him to get the fuck out of her office because he clearly isn't man enough to take much more of it. She keeps his clothes, and sends him back out onto the street completely naked, with very swollen and very sore balls. (gallery)

Claire hired a handyman to take care of some repairs and landscaping around her property. He comes in her house to let her know that he has finished fixing her air conditioning unit, and she asks if he finished the landscaping as well. He informs her he hasn't even started it yet. She scolds him for being so lazy, and tells him she has a different job for him to do. She doesn't have time to do laundry, so he's going to have to clean her stinky worn socks that she's wearing...with his tongue. He seems a little grossed out at first, but he does it, and you can tell he immediately starts getting turned on once his mouth is on her feet. He sensually holds her feet and buries his face in them, inhaling the aroma of her socks. He licks her feet and sucks on her toes through her socks. She tells him this is the only form of payment he will be getting from her...just the privilege of worshiping her stinky feet. Then she throws him out of her house. (video clip)